'05 "Pro Street" Custom Chopper

Super Nice, Very Trick Chopper!!


This is one REALLY sweet "Pro Street Chopper"..! It is a combination of an OUTLAW CUSTOMS frame with over $30,000 in components added to it..! And, that doesn't even include paint, assembly, or any of the custom fabrication work that was done on this bike..! And it only has about 400 miles on it..!

It has numerous "very trick" and expensive items, like the 113" "El Bruto" Polished and Diamond Cut Ultima Engine, (125 RW horsepower & equal torque), Right Hand Drive (better weight balance and allows complete visibility of left side of rear wheel), RC Component "Stingray" Chrome Plated Billet Wheels, (low maintenance - no polishing all the time), BDL Top Fuel Belt Drive, (most efficient drive system and looks cooler), Baker 6 Speed Transmission, (maximum gear efficiency and lower rpm road cruising), Air Unlimited Air Ride Suspension, (slammed look when parked and suspension travel when riding), Martin Brothers "Slikstas" Exhaust , (cool "signature" outlet pipes that fit lines of bike perfectly), S&S Shorty Super G Carb, (very easily tunable jetting system), Forcewinder Air Cleaner Assembly, (looks great and very efficient), Custom Fabricated Handle Bars, Fenders, Gas Tank, Belt Drive Guard, Chin Spoiler, ( unique to this bike only), and many, many more items too extensive to list..!

There are a lot of custom choppers for sale, but I really believe this bike has an extremely well designed combination of frame, paint and color design, component choices and custom fabrication work done to it.!. I think it has an exceptionally nice "flow" to the bike no matter what angle you view it from, and also has a "look" that is just very symmetrical, appealing, and "balanced" in all of its aspects.

I have seen bikes sell in the $40,000 price range, that I don't believe had anything "up" on this bike..! Possibly just a more "well known" name..! This bike simply has the right combination of things..! Right side drive for better weight balance and open left side rear wheel visibility, perfect size 113" Ultima Engine, (plenty of power and torque, but not so big, it shakes you off the bike), Baker 6 speed, (more efficient), RC "Stingray" wheels and most other major components chrome plated for low maintenance and easy cleaning characteristics, (no finger-numbing polishing to keep the shine), and also the BDL Belt Drive for efficiency and to add to the "trick" look.!.

Overall, I just don't know where you would find more Pro Street Chopper for the money..! The only reason this bike is being sold is because the gentleman that built it for himself owns the shop that does most of the paint work for Outlaw Customs, (www.outlawcustoms.net), and he simply wants to do another project. That's just the way he is! He will build something extremely nice and then just decide he will want to do something else, and goes on to the next project. He is very well known for his ability to paint Candy and custom paint schemes on essentially anything from bikes to trucks to muscle cars and show cars, and has been doing it for 25+ years..!

He is definitely a real talent at what he does and everything he builds for himself is only done with the best components and with the utmost perfection and precision. His personal projects simply have to reflect his ability to the utmost degree and therefore his own personal "toys" are always extremely nice and always very unique..!

Check out the list of components and items on the bike below and you decide for yourself if you don't think this is a super reasonable price on this bike..!

List of Components: (most, but not all)

TOTAL COMPONENTS AND PAINT WORK - $40,000.00 (conservative figure)

A Real Value...

The above figure includes tax and custom fabrication, but not assembly time, which would easily be another $3000.00. So the total would be at least $43,000 if you were to have this bike built by a custom bike shop..!

MY PRICE: $26,450.00

(priced to sell quickly)

SOLD FOR: $26,150.00

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