'05 Electra Glide Candy Brandy CVO FLHTCSE2

One Owner.., GPS.., Corbin Seat.., True Duals... and more...

2005 Electra Glide Candy Brandy CVO FLHTCSE2

As far as I'm concerned, this 05 CVO Screamin' Eagle Electra Glide is simply the ultimate combination of features, options and performance of the touring CVO (Custom Vehicle Operations) bikes that Harley Davidson has ever put together..!  This is definitely the most popular color, (Two-Tone Light Candy Cherry and Dark Candy Cherry), of the three colors available in '05.  (These are not real easy to find!)

This, of course, is also the last year you can get the CVO Electra Glide with the painted-to-match-quick-release tour pak, and also with the stealth luggage rack that looks so cool when the tour pak is off..!  (Of course it also has the drivers removable/adjustable back rest and the passenger back rest that you can put on if you want to travel "two-up" but without the tour pak.) 

You can load this bike up with luggage and/or gear and head out on a trip with your significant other and ride in total comfort..!  Yet, if you are wanting to "kick around town with your buddies", you simply remove the tour pak, (which you can do in a matter of seconds), and now you have an aggressive looking "solo" bike that looks extremely nice and will obviously out-perform and accelerate most of the other bikes you will run in to.  How can you beat that combo..?

I would assume that if you are looking at this Screamin' Eagle, and know anything about them, then you are already aware they come absolutely LOADED with chrome, special accessories and "CVO only" custom paint, the 103" Stroker Engine and many other features right from the factory.

In addition, this is a one-owner and has a significant amount of additional upgrades even beyond the CVO accessories.  That combination makes this Screamin' Eagle Electra Glide a LOT of bike for the money..!

The following is a quote from Harley Davison's website regarding this bike:


"The '05 FLHTCSE2 Screamin' Eagle® Electra Glide® 2 was stroked out with 103 cubic inches Twin Cam goodness with ThunderStar™ custom wheels, and vented lowers. As long as there are Harley riders with an ideal bike that exists nowhere but in their mind's eye, the CVO program will continue to blaze new roads and arouse new ambitions."


Since the list of options from Harley Davidson on these CVO bikes is nearly endless, I am not going to list them individually here.  (You probably already know what they are.)

But.., listed below are the additional items that have been added to this bike that were not stock equipment from the factory.

Additional Non-Stock Items:

TOTAL ACCESSORIES AMOUNT: $10,000+ (Approximate with tax and labor)

Included Accessories

Also included with this bike are the following:

Original CVO Cloth Cover, Original Cloth Cover Bag, Original Owners Manual, Original Harley Garage Door Opener, (operated with high beam light switch), Original Saddle Bag Inserts, Original Travel Pak Insert, Gold Key, 2 sets of Keys with Key Fobs, Original Seat, Original Driver's Backrest, and the Original Passenger Quick Release Backrest.

A Real Deal

With the original purchase price and the accessories that have been added, there is over $42,000 invested in this bike..!  You can save yourself over $15,000 from what the original owner paid.  (Incidentally, the new ones are about $35,000 stock, not including any additional options.)  Pick this one up and spend the nearly $15,000+ on something else..!  That makes sense..!

MY PRICE: $25,950

(priced to sell quickly)

SOLD FOR: $25,950

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