2004 Electra Glide Screamin' Eagle CVO (Orange Pearl & Jet Black)

One-Owner..! Only 9100 Miles..! King Tour Pak w/ Comfort Stitch Seating..!!

2004 Electra Glide Screamin' Eagle CVO (Orange Pearl & Jet Black)

This is a ONE-OWNER and hard CVO bike to find..! Harley Davidson only built about 750 total of this bike in the Orange Pearl and Jet Black paint combination and hardly anyone is selling these bikes once they own them. The factory also produced the bike in the Cobalt Blue and Starlight Black color combination, but those are generally easier to find, and there were nearly double the amount of them built.

This CVO Screamin' Eagle is in absolutely like new condition and has been religiously maintained. It has always been pampered when ridden and garaged when not in use. It also has only 9161 miles, and they have been easy ones..!

I would assume that if you are looking at this Screamin' Eagle, and know anything about them, then you are already aware they come loaded with chrome and "CVO only" custom paint, the 103 Stroker Engine and many other features right from the factory. In addition, this bike has a significant amount of additional upgrades even beyond the CVO accessories, including the French Style Headlight Trim Ring, ($35) matching French Style Passing Lamp Trim Rings, ($42) and the French Style Turn Signal Trim Rings for both front and rear signals, ($38). These items combined with the accessories described below, are a combination that makes this Screamin' Eagle Electra Glide CVO a great value and the perfect set-up for the long trips on the open road..!

You can load this bike up with a passenger and/or gear and head out on an "extended ride" and you will be traveling in total comfort..! Yet, if you are wanting to "kick around town with your buddies," you simply remove the tour pak, (which you can do in a matter of seconds), and now you have an aggressive looking "solo" bike that looks extremely nice and will obviously out-perform and accelerate most of the other bikes you will run in to. How can you beat that combo..?

As you may or may not know, the Tour Pak did not come stock with these CVO Electra Glides in 04. They were an option, and you had the choice of purchasing either the Chopped (smaller), or the King (full size) Tour Pak.

Whichever one you choose, gives you a lot more room and security when taking a road trip, and yet with the quick detachable hardware, you can remove it in seconds and still have a SUPER LOOKING, cool "around town" bike..!

This particular bike has the King Tour Pak, (about $1700), PLUS it also has three other VERY NICE features which complement the King Tour Pak. If you aren't aware of it, the factory seats on these bikes are great looking with their snake skin inserts, but are NOT very comfortable, (especially for the passenger.) So.., the original owner purchased a VERY comfortable HD "Comfort Stitch" Deep Bucket Seat, (about $300), a matching "Comfort Stitch" Tour Pak Backrest Pad, (about $210) and then added the "Ultra" Speaker Pod Assembly, (about $650) which includes separate "Volume" and "Mode" Sound System Selection for the passenger. This combination essentially EQUALS an ULTRA CLASSIC in both comfort and stereo control for the operator AND the passenger. Isn't that cool..??!!

There are not many of these Orange Pearl and Jet Black CVO bikes that have the Tour Paks with them, so it is a real bonus item to have! (Even if you found a bike without one and wanted to order one, it would take 8-12 weeks to get it from Harley Davidson, since the Tour Paks are custom painted AFTER they are ordered, AND, as I indicated earlier, it would cost you about $1700 by the time you are done purchasing all the accessories and then paying for the installation needed to mount it on your bike. And, with the "Comfort Stitch Seat" and Matching Backrest Pad and Speaker Pod Assembly included and installed, you would have a total investment of about $3000 in those items alone..!!

There are also many other upgrades added to this CVO, but below is a PARTIAL list of the items.

Additional Accessories Added:

Total Amount of Add-Ons: $4500 (Approximate, including tax and labor.)

Included with this motorcycle is the Original Seat, the Matching Sissy Bar, the Matching Driver's Backrest, two sets of Keys, two Alarm Key Fobs, Garage Door Opener, CVO Cloth Cover, CVO Cloth Cover Bag, Saddle Bag Liners, and the Owner's Manual.

This bike has had a total investment in the neighborhood of $35,000. If you are looking for the best CVO Screamin' Eagle Electra Glide "classic Harley" color combo, (Orange Pearl and Jet Black), lowest number built, (around 750 total), and a bike that is simply like new yet, you really don't have to look any further. This bike will satisfy your craving..! Save yourself a ton of money, this one's already tricked out and ready to go..!

MY PRICE: $24,950

SOLD FOR: $24,000

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