2003 Big Mike's Klock Werks Kustom Chopper

Klock Werks Kustom...Legend Air Ride, (New Style)...126" S&S built by Kendall Johnson...152+ RWHP..!!

2003 Big Mike's Klock Werks Kustom Chopper
This is one FAST bike, and it also rides great since it is a Softail and has the "New Style" Legend Air Ride Suspension which was just installed in June, 2009..! But.., here's the reason it's so fast. This super nice custom has a balanced 126" S&S Kendall Johnson engine with Kendall's "specially massaged" Heads and Cams combined with Electronic Compression Releases. (The Heads, Cylinders and Engine Case are also polished.)

Naturally, it has all of the other "tweaks" Kendall does to an engine too, so consequently it is putting out 152 horsepower to the rear wheel..!!

With the Polished Close Ratio Baker Transmission, 48 Mikuni Carb, Twin-Tech Ignition, BDL Top Fuel Clutch with Heavy Duty Springs, BDL Top Fuel Primary Drive, Exile Sprocket and Rotor, WCC Hell Bent Exhaust, and many other trick components, this is a bike that REALLY "gets" down the road. Whether it was the person that took it for a ride or the person that got their "tail whipped" in a fun sprint race against it, the comment is always the same: "Damn - that thing is FAST!!"

It has been in many national magazines including Hot Bike (1 of 50 Best Section), twice in Street Chopper, shown in Air Brush Action and was even the Cover Bike for the Dakota Digital Catalog. It was commissioned by "Big Mike" for Klock Werks Kustoms to build who are located in Mitchell, SD. These are the guys that build the Klock Werks Windshields, Bag Extensions, Custom Exhaust and other items.

Klock Werks have had numerous bikes in National Magazines and won many National Awards and Competitions including holding current Bonneville Salt Flat Records in more than one category. It was also on tour and on display with Klock Werks at various rallies like Sturgis, Daytona Bike Week and other major events.

Now, here's the thing, when Big Mike wanted this bike built, Brian Klock knew it had to be a special bike, since Mike is a bouncer, (among other things), a BIG guy, and won't exactly fit on just any typical chopper. So.., Klock Werks put together a bike that was not only very cool, with TONS of power, but a bike that was dependable and would fit a big guy AND be fun to ride..!! After all, would you want a bouncer to be ticked off at you..!! Actually, Mikes' a SUPER NICE guy, but you know what I mean!!

As I am writing this description, I can recall sitting on the bike and thinking, "ok, this is not for a small guy", but I am only about 6' and about 235 and it fits me very well. What I'm getting at is, even though Mike is a much bigger guy than me, this chopper will fit a number of statures.

I am including a list below to give you an idea of the quality of components such as the Xtreme Machine Barbaric Chrome Wheels ($3000), Xtreme Machine Custom Tank and Rear Fender and Wernimont/Klock Front Fender ($2300), the Baker Close Ratio Trans ($2100), the WCC Hell Bent Exhaust with Heat Wrap ($1100), the Performance Machine Master Cylinders, Hand Controls, Throttle Housing Assembly and Forward Controls ($2000), BDL Top Fuel Primary Drive ($2500), Exile Sprocket/Brake Drive Kit ($670), Custom Fabricated Handle Bars with a Dakota Digital Speedo installed in the center ($750), Legend Air Ride Suspension - New Style ($1500), and of course the REAL "hot ticket", the Kendall Johnson built 126" S&S Fully Polished Engine producing 150+ RWHP ($10,000).

The list of "top shelf" quality components that were used in this Custom Build just goes on and on, but you can clearly see why "Big Mike" had so much money invested in the bike. It was built RIGHT..!! Suffice it to say with the original build cost and the other changes he has made since then, it is in excess of $40,000 by a good margin.

Partial List of Components & Approximate Original Cost:

TOTAL COMPONENTS, CUSTOM FABRICATION AND ASSEMBLY COST - $40,000+ (Approximate, including tax...)

Ready to Ride

This bike has been ridden and enjoyed - it has not been a wallflower - so it is very road tested, proven worthy and ready to ride. It has also had a complete service done on it this last 2009 riding season and has been in storage since.

There was about $1300 spent on the bike which included items such as Lower Rocker Housing Gasket, S&S Top End Gasket Kit, Spark Plugs, S&S Rocker Cover Gasket Set, Exhaust Gasket Set, Mobil 1 Oil Change with Chrome Oil Filter, new Bosch Relay, R&R Rocker Boxes, Heads and Jugs for Valve Job, New Valve Job and New Seals, Adjust Chain and Clutch, and Tighten All Bolts and a Complete Inspection of the Entire Bike.

So.., as you can see, this bike is ready to head out and ENJOY..!! Oh.., and BTW.., the custom graphics on the paint are brand new as of June of 2009, along with the addition of the (New Style) Legend Air Ride System.

A Bargain Without the Wait

THIS IS THE WAY TO BUY A CHOPPER..!! When you buy this Custom Bike you are saving a TON of money and still getting all of the expensive components, technology and special fabrication from a very respected builder.

And.., the greatest thing about it is the fact you don't have to WAIT FOR IT TO BE BUILT. It is done, proven, serviced and ready to ride and enjoy RIGHT NOW..!! And.., at a FRACTION of the original cost..!!

MY PRICE: $18,450

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