'01 "Switchblade" FXDWG2 Wide Glide CVO

Over $8000 in Upgrades..!! Pristine Condition..!!, Low Miles..!!

2001 Switchblade FXDWG2 Wide Glide CVO

This is an impeccably cared for hard-to-find "Switchblade" FXDWG2 Wide Glide CVO motorcycle.

And.., it has only 4151 ACTUAL miles on it..!

If you don't know much about these bikes, the following information will give you some insight into their background, scarcity, uniqueness and the low volume of these special Wide Glides that were manufactured by Harley Davidson.

Some of the special features of this bike include: Ostridge Hide Tan Leather Seat and matching Sissy Bar Pad, Lowered Suspension Front and Rear, Lightning Star Wheels, Color Matched and Powder Coated Frame, and Color Matched Chin Spoiler and Battery Box.

There are MULTIPLE other special items including complete Chrome Front End, Chrome Swing Arm, Chrome Billet Belt Drive Sprocket, and Chrome Upper and Lower Belt Guards.

The factory CVO list just goes on and on..!

If you are already familiar with the history of these, and that is one of the reasons why you are looking at this Wide Glide, great, but just in case you aren't, here are a few facts explaining why this bike is so unique and hard to find. (ESPECIALLY with the low miles and impeccable condition it is in.)

First of all there were only about 1700 total of these CVO "Switchblade" FXDWG2 Wide Glides built in 2001.

Secondly, they were built only in this super sharp color combo called "Scarlet Red" by Harley's CVO division.

They were Willie "G"' Davidson's personal creation and the Gold Flames you see on the tank and fenders is 23 Karat hand-laid Gold leafing which is cut out by hand from a sheet of ultra thin Gold Leaf sheets and then hand-applied on the fenders and tank.

This process is a very meticulous and time consuming operation.

Also, every one of these bikes was hand built and assembled at Harley Davidson's Custom Vehicle Operations facility in York, Pennsylvania. (A completely different facility than where all the other Harleys were built in 2001.)

Harley Davidson states there is in excess of $8000 worth of custom CVO-only upgrades and unique parts and pieces that went into the creation of these bikes. They had an original MSRP of $22,000 in 2001, but they were mostly pre-sold before they ever hit the Dealer Showrooms. And, MANY Dealers charged $2-3,000 (and sometimes more), over sticker for them because they were in such high demand.

Consequently, with the dealer fees, taxes, prep fees, transportation and "over sticker surcharges" that many buyers paid, the majority of most original owners had an investment approaching $28,000 in these super nice bikes. (That's not including additional upgrades most of the new owners added such as exhaust, tuners, high flow air cleaners, etc.)

The gentleman that purchased this bike new also spent a significant amount of money on some VERY NICE upgrades to the bike which add a lot to the way it looks AND performs.

It was purchased brand new by the owner of a Harley Davidson Dealership and he did all of the upgrades to the bike right at his own store. Being the owner and having discounted access to HD parts and his service technicians, he just added chrome, accessories and performance items to his heart's content, regardless of cost.

Consequently this bike has some SUPER nice upgrades that most people couldn't justify doing simply because of the expense involved for a retail customer.

Some of the most expensive and significant items include the 6 Speed Transmission, Mikuni 45 MM Carb, Screamin" Eagle "211" Cams, Rinehart 2 into 2 Exhaust, Chrome Inner Primary, Chrome Calipers (front and rear), Chrome Billet Headlamp, and MULTIPLE Chrome Trim Covers on the engine. (There is about $6000 in parts and labor involved in these items alone..!!) There are many other chrome, trim and upgrades that have been added for a total of over $8000 in extras. (I have listed most of them below.)

Below is a Partial List of the Upgrades added to this bike. (There are many more miscellaneous items added that are not listed here.)

Partial List of Upgrades:

TOTAL ACCESSORIES AMOUNT: $8,000+ (Approximate with tax and labor)

Pristine Condition

If you had purchased this very cool "Switchblade" new, and then added the chrome and upgrades it now has, you would have had about $36,000 invested in this bike. It truly is in PRISTINE condition, and has only been ridden in nice weather and stored in a climate controlled environment its entire life. It's doubtful you could ever find one in any nicer condition, especially with the upgrades and chrome on this bike. It is simply like new yet..!

HD Dealership Installation

The original owner installed a Mikuni 45 MM Carb, HD Screamin' Eagle "211" Cams, a High Flow Air Cleaner Assembly, and the Rinehart 2 into 2 Exhaust. I have the Dyno Sheet for the bike and it is running close to 90 Horsepower and about equal Torque Numbers. All of the work was done by the original owner at the Harley Davidson Dealership he owned. This bike starts and runs extremely nice and has a very even power and torque band from low to full throttle. A ton of fun to drive..!!

Own the FIRST Dyna Wide Glide that Harley Davidson ever built in the Screamin' Eagle CVO Edition. This bike is simply a winner in every category..! Super nice color and paint design, ultra low miles, impeccably cared for, great factory CVO stock options and an equally impressive group of aftermarket upgrades, AND a 6 speed transmission which gives you less vibration and better fuel mileage at cruising speeds.

Do you think that will set this bike apart even from the other CVO's of this same model? It just plain has it all..!

And you know where it belongs..!! In your garage when you're not riding..! And when you are riding, it will be doing what only a "Switchblade" can, performing like a CVO Harley does, but garnering extra attention and questions no matter where you go..!!

Also Included

Included with this bike are the original Cafe Racer Headlight Shroud, the original Owner's Manual, the CVO Cloth Cover, a Key Fob for the Security System and the Key.

MY PRICE: $17,950

SOLD FOR: $16,475

Disclaimer: All attempts are made to present information as accurately as possible, but we cannot be held responsible for errors that may exist.