1970 Plymouth Roadrunner

This car is a very nice combination of original and restored. As you will see in the vehicle description, there are many new parts, but there are also original items that are like new yet. For example, the seats are original and in absolutely excellent condition. The dash is also original and in great shape. The original gauges are all working correctly, (except the tach), and it has the original pistol grip shifter and shift lever. The former owner added an under dash stereo cassette, so you can listen to your favorite tunes while you are cruising, and yet not have the factory radio disturbed or holes cut in the dash. (It comes out very easily with no traces left, if you are an "absolute original look" kind of person.)

Obviously with the Broadcast Sheet with the car and the Fender Tag intact, this is a vehicle that will continue to escalate in value. It drives absolutely excellent and has a very smooth, long power band when going through the gears. It’s also what I call a real "looker". Make sure and read closely all the things that are knew on the car. It is a long list! It currently has about the same year block, (not the original one), but as you will see in the new parts explanation, when the engine was rebuilt, it has all the right parts installed. And, the car is priced accordingly.

Current internet NADA book for November, 2004 is $32,400.

Here is NADA’s definition for HIGH retail:

“This vehicle would be in excellent condition overall. It could be a completely restored or an extremely well maintained original vehicle showing very minimal wear. The exterior paint, trim, and mechanics are not in need of reconditioning. The interior would be in excellent condition.” Note: This value does not represent a “100 point or “#1” vehicle.*

* ”100” Point or “#1” vehicle is not driven. It would generally be in a museum or transported in an enclosed trailer to concourse judging and car shows. This type of car would be stored in a climate-regulated facility. (per NADA’s website)

(I think this car fits this description accurately, however I have the car priced considerably less.) Why?

  1. I want to sell it fast and give someone an excellent buy. (There may be similar cars for sale for around $30,000, but I don’t know of any for sale in this condition at this price.
  2. I am starting a new internet specialty vehicle business, and want to establish a reputation of presenting many unique, special vehicles for sale at a reasonable, un-inflated price and be regarded as a source you can come to and have a good selection to chose from at a GREAT PRICE!

July and August of 2001 - The following items were done during this time frame. Since that time, the car was garaged and only taken to car shows, (it won many trophies including multiple first places), and was driven on some local summer cruises.

March 2003 – These additional items were done during this time frame.


Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) - RM23N0G170019

Click to see the original broadcast sheet:

MY PRICE: $22,950

SOLD FOR: $21,750

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