'69 Chevelle SS-396

Super Looker.., Excellent Condition.., Matching Numbers..!!

1969 Chevelle SS-396

First of all, this is a REAL 69 Chevelle SS-396 with the MATCHING NUMBERS engine. NOT a clone or a "tribute" car..!! There is nothing wrong with those cars which seem to be everywhere now, but they aren't the REAL thing and will never maintain a long term investment like the REAL ones will.

And it's very simple why. Obviously there were only a finite amount of these cars ever built and every year another is crashed and/or turned into a donor or parts car for another restoration, so as each year goes by, there are less and less of the ORIGINAL 69 SS-396 Chevelles in existence today. I have the photos and documentation showing the correct numbers, and have translated them for your convenience, so you know exactly what this car is all about.

Now, what's really nice about this Chevelle is the fact it is VERY clean, and yet it will make a superb "pleasant weather" driver for you. It really attracts attention and admirers even on close inspection, and is very well detailed from the paint and interior, to the trunk, engine compartment, and even the undercarriage, but not SO perfect that you're petrified to even take it around the block for fear you might get even the tiniest rock chip or nick on the paint or chrome.


It is, in my opinion about the perfect 69 Chevelle SS-396 to have your money invested in. Simply because it has superb "curb appeal" and color, drives super nice, has an awesome sound and yet is the REAL THING..!! And, you can own it for UNDER $30,000..! That is VERY tough to do these days with a car that has the matching numbers big block engine and the eye appeal this car has. How can you beat that combination?!

The car was originally purchased new in Alabama, and then resided in southeast Tennessee until about 3 years ago. According to the gentleman that brought the car to South Dakota, both the Engine and the 400 Turbo Transmission were overhauled, with the Transmission retaining the original case. The 12-Bolt Rear End is also represented to me as original. The brakes were also gone through at the same time. (I have not checked the numbers on the transmission and rear end, so I cannot confirm that fact, however I do believe they are original, but will confirm the original numbers if it's important to you.) An Edelbrock Performer Intake was added along with a Holley 4 Barrel Carburator. Also at the same time Exhaust Headers were installed.

This Big Block Chevelle was originally Dusk Blue Metallic, but at the same time the engine and transmission were rebuilt and the other mechanical items done, it had a complete paint job at which time the color was changed. They did a very nice job, and the paint is still in great condition as the pictures plainly show.

I think it has about the perfect wheel and tire combination too. The wheel wells are filled out just right with the TorqueThrust II Wheels and the BF Goodrich Radial TA Tires.

It also has brand new dual exhaust with generic Flowmaster Mufflers and the correct chrome SS exhaust tips.

This car was VERY nice when I acquired it, but having been about 10 years since it had any significant updates done other than the new wheels and tires added a couple years ago, and some minor tune-up work done, I spent another $3000 on the Exhaust, Detailing and other Miscellaneous Items to just add the "finishing touch" to it's appearance. (I have done all of these upgrades within the last 6 months.)


Recent Engine Rebuild (partial list - done before I owned the car - now estimated at about 350 horsepower...)

Other Recent Upgrades (also done before I owned the car...)

Items Added or Done in Last 6 Months (done by me...)

There are many other small miscellaneous items that have been upgraded or installed on the car in the last few years that are just too numerous to mention, but to put it simply this car is very nice..!

This is a Chevelle that looks great, runs great, sounds great and drives great..! And, because of the color and combination of wheels and tires, it REALLY gets the looks..!! It's pretty much impossible to drive this car anywhere without having someone comment on it. It has that "total look" that really stands out and attracts attention.

I have this car priced very fairly so you don't have to spend $30,000 to have a MATCHING NUMBERS 69 Big Block Chevelle that will maintain it's value AND look super nice too!

NADA Pricing

Incidentally, current NADA Book on this car is as follows:

So.., the question is.., what is this car worth? Well, based on NADA Book's description for the Average Retail Price it should be selling in the mid $30,000 range, since it MORE than qualifies for that description. And.., if I wanted to take a long time and advertise it EVERYWHERE and wait for the perfect buyer, I have no doubt it would sell in that range, HOWEVER, my goal is to sell it quickly, so I am pricing the car very reasonably to sell fast.

Matching Numbers and VIN# Breakdown

Make sure and check out all the pictures. Also make sure and view the ones that show the matching numbers on the engine.

Below is the decipering results of the Numbers on the Body Number Plate (commonly referred to as the Cowl Tag), the two Engine Number Series, and Vehicle Identification Number, (also commonly referred to as the VIN#). I have done this documenation for your convenience so you won't have to look it up yourself.


(Complete identification of each body is provided by a plate riveted to the top of the cowl.) Note: I have an up-close picture of this plate in the photo section.

ST69 13637 =Style - 1969, 2 Door Sport Coupe with SS-396 Option. (The Style Number is a combination of the make, series and body style.)

BAL 197648 BDY = Baltimore Assembly Plant and the Sequence Number. (The Sequence Number is of no particular importance to documentation of the car.)

TR 755 = Black Vinyl Seats (The Trim Number is the key to trim color and material for each model series.)

51 51 PNT = Dusk Blue Metallic (The Paint Code is the key to the exterior paint color. A two-letter code indicates the bottom and the top colors respectively, meaning this car had the same color with no vinyl top for both the body and the top of the car.) Note: As I stated early on in the description of this car, it had a complete professional color change to Red.


(In 1969, all Chevrolet engines had a assembly plant code, month and day produced and the engine type. On 8 cylinder engines this codes is stamped on the right front of the engine block.) Note: I have an up-close picture of this number in the photo section.

T0210JK (Below is the break-down of this engine number.)

T = Tonawanda is the Assembly Plant in which it was manufactured.

02 = February is the month of the year it was manufactured.

10 = 10th day of the month it was manufactured.

JK = Engine code number showing this to be the following: 396 Cu. In., 325 Horsepower, 10.25.1 Compression Ratio, 4 Barrel Carburator, 400 Turbo Hydramatic Automatic Transmission.


(All 1969 engines also have the division identification number, model year, assembly plant designation and production sequence number (last 6 digits) of the Vehicle Identification Number stamped on the engine. Note: I have an up-close picture of this number in the photo section.

19B351036 (Below is the break-down of this engine number.)

1 = Chevrolet

9 = 1969

B = Baltimore, MD

351036 = Last 6 digits in the VIN# (If matching numbers motor, these digits will match the last six digits in VIN# of the car - it does on this car.)


(Commonly referred to as the VIN NUMBER, this series of numbers and letters is stamped on a plate on top of the instrument panel and visible through the windshield near the left door.) Note: I have an up-close picture of this number in the photo section.

136379B351036 (Below is the decipering of this VIN Number.)

  • First Digit: 1 = Chevrolet (Identifies the Chevrolet Division)
  • Second and Third Digits: 36 = Malibu (Identifies the Series, 8 cylinder, and including optional SS-396 package)
  • Fourth and Fifth Digits: 37 = 2 Dr. Spt. Cpe (Identifes the the body style)
  • Sixth Digit: 9 = 1969 (Identifies the model year)
  • Seventh Digit: B = Baltimore, MD (Identifies the assembly plant)
  • Last Six Digits: 351036 = Production Number (Represents the basic production numbers. Starting number 300001/up)
  • Note: The source of all of the above documentation information is the following: Cars & Parts Magazine - Chevelle, Malibu and El Camino ID Numbers 1964-87 (Matching Numbers Series), Copyright 1993.

    This is the "perfect" super nice driver..! You can even have your "sweetheart" sit right beside you with your arm around her when you are going on those fun and relaxing drives, so it will be just like the "good ole days"..!! (You can't do that with bucket seats - only a bench seat.) And.., I promise you will want to DRIVE this car. It really is that much fun to take out for a nice cruise..!!

    MY PRICE: $26,950

    Priced to sell!!
    Disclaimer: All attempts are made to present information as accurately as possible, but we can not be held responsible for errors that may exist.