1968 Chevy Camaro SS-396

Fine, Rare, and ORIGINAL

1968 Camaro SS 396

Well, what can I say about this car? It is simply one of the finest 68 Camaros you will find anywhere..!

One of only 10,773 Camaros produced in 1968 with the L35 396ci/325hp engine option out of a total of 235,147 Camaros built.

And, out of those produced, how many do you suppose are left with the original engine?

That means less than 4.5% of the total cars built had this power train.

But.., here is the most important part of all:


Complete Restoration, Show Quality Paint

Within the last couple years, it’s had a complete restoration. When it was restored, it had the front clip removed, and the engine and transmission were taken out of the car. While the engine was being rebuilt, and the transmission inspected by the mechanic, the engine compartment and frame were bead blasted and repainted. The front suspension components were inspected and whatever needed replacing was done. The interior was also removed and new upholstery, carpet, headliner and dash pad installed.

Before the car was repainted, it had new fenders and quarters installed. Then, it was painted and a correct Camaro stripe put on with a template to make sure it was within the correct dimensions. The paint is show quality. You can’t drive this car anywhere without people staring and then commenting about the car and how nice it is. All exterior chrome and emblems are new or hand polished and buffed.

Super features

This car has the factory “Tic-Toc” Tach and the console gauge package..!! And the tach works perfectly..!

All the interior lights work on this car..!

Engine Block Pad Numbers: Photo of Engine Block Pad Number

T 09 22 MW (on the left side of the block pad) 18L 305660 (on the right side of the block pad)

Cowl Tag Photo of Cowl Tag

(Writing and numbers in same positions as cowl tag. Actual ones on car.)

Body By Fisher
  10A C406  
  ST 68 12437 LOS 05331 Body  
  TR 712 N-2 Paint  

When the gentleman restored this car, he decided to change the color to Black, instead of Cordovan Maroon, (factory color), and also decided to delete the vinyl top. Cordovan Maroon is an extremely dark Maroon and looks nearly Black anyway, so he decided he just wanted to go with Black. However the entire car, door jambs, trunk, under hood, and all areas that had colored paint was thoroughly changed to Black and you would never know it was another color previously. It was done extremely well. Most collectors or buyers do not find this a negative, as long it was done professionally.

Decoding this Car by the Numbers

Identification Number (VIN#)

124378L305660 (actual vin number on car)

* Without the original engine in the car, it is virtually impossible to prove you have a real 1968 SS Camaro, because there is nothing in either the VIN, or the Cowl Tag that indicates whether it is a real Super Sport Camaro. (That holds true for both small block and big block cars)..! That’s why a car like this is so hard to find..!

Take note of the actual engine block pad picture and cowl tag picture that I took of the engine and the cowl tag on this car.

Car Option List:

RPO (stands for Regular Production Order)



MY PRICE: $33,950 (or close)

(Remember, the longer you keep this car – the more it will be worth – it’s not a purchase, it’s an investment..!)

          SOLD FOR: $33,000

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